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  • Categroy:Grating
  • Material:

    Low carton steel

  • Properties:

    Hot dipped galvanized, stainless steel

  • Packaging:In bulk, in bundles
  • Application:Drain cover, stair tread, platform

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Steel grating is in accordance with certain spacing and bar (twisted steel, square steel, round steel, flat steel, etc.) with a flat cross-aligned and welded into the middle of a square lattice of steel products with a steel grid moderators. The steel grating is normally used as drain cover, steel platform, stair tread, etc. Steel grating commonly used carbon steel, hot dip galvanized appearance, which can play role in preventing oxidation. It can also be made ​​of stainless steel. Steel grating with ventilation, lighting, cooling, slip-proof properties.

1.In bundles
2.Screw rod fix the 4 corners
3.In pallet









Normal Specification
Bearing bar at the length direction, cross bar at the width direction.
Bearing bar distance: c/c 30mm, 40mm

Cross bar distance: c/c 50mm, 100mm
Bearing bar size:
Length < 1000mm: 253/30/100, 303/30/100
Length = 1000-1500mm: 323/30/100

Appearance: Simple and beautiful
Best Drainage: leakage area of ​​83.3 percent, more than twice of cast iron.
Hot-dip galvanizing: Strong corrosion resistance, no need maintenance and replacement.
Anti-theft design: With hinged lid and box connection, security, safety, easy to open.
High strength: strength and toughness is much higher than cast iron can be used for docks, airports and other large-span and heavy load conditions.
More choice: to meet different environment, load. Span, size and shape desired.

Series I (distance 30mm) Most common
It is used throughout various industrial fields, bearing bar c/c at 30mm, accord with U.S. standards. It has the most impact on the surface strong resistance. It is widely used in power plants, sewage treatment plants, granary, chemical plants, highways, airports and container terminal as platforms, walkways and drain covers, stair treads and so on. Serrated steel grating can be used for wet, slippery places, especially for offshore oil platforms.
Series II (distance 40mm) Most economical and lightweight
As per the British Standard requests on fixed platforms, walkways and stairs tread. This kind of steel grating is the best choice in a small span of occasions, even under the load as transport equipment aisle. It also can be used as warehouse shelves, pavilion panels, bridge, protective fence, and the sun blinds.
Series III (distance 60mm) Special for Mining Industry
This kind of steel grating is designed specifically for the application and development of the mining industry. It solves the problem of mineral splash on the plate. This series of steel grating has a nominal size of 50 * 60mm space to allow most of the spilled material to wear off, thus ensuring a clean and safe plate surface. It is often specified for use in the broken system board, transmission line corridors and the ball mill, processing plant and operates stations.

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